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The Great Online Marketing Lottery

With the massive shift over the past decade or so towards online and digital marketing platforms, it seems almost inconceivable as a marketer to imagine a time before PPC, Google Adwords, promoted posts, banner advertising and mailer campaigns. Am I alone in starting to believe that the only people who...

Saving the World isn’t enough

Social enterprises need to offer more than just a social or environmental value proposition if they are to thrive. Read the article I wrote for Sawubona magazine on this topic by clicking on the link –

Is your brand doing its job?

Many people believe that the word ‘brand’ relates simply to the visual identity of a particular company, product or organisation – in other words the organisation’s name, logo and general look and feel. In truth, a brand is all of these things and a whole lot more. Essentially, your brand...

Learn to say No Thanks

How good are you at saying no to your customers? Before you choke on your cappuccino, let me elaborate a bit further, and perhaps you will agree that this much maligned two-letter word has its place in any business strategy.

What’s in a name?

Have you ever stopped to consider how much impact the name of your organisation has on its success? While a strong and memorable name alone cannot ensure a ticket to greatness, it certainly can help catch attention and interest. Similarly, a weak, poorly defined or unpronounceable name can be a...

Service is still the Secret

In this age of mass consumption, fast food, FMCG, twitterati, fly-by-nights, whirlwind trends and a general throwaway culture, there is still one secret weapon that savvy and sustainable businesses use to stay ahead of the game. Read more

Is your product development process a crutch?

As someone with a special interest in the craft, design and small scale manufacturing sectors, I have come to recognise a number of commonly held beliefs amongst creative entrepreneurs and business owners. Chief amongst these beliefs, is a tendency to assume that when sales are down and things are tough, the...

Make Stuff that Matters

I would like you to think about whether the products you make are designed to add to, or alleviate the pressure on our global ecosystem? Have you considered not just the birth of your product, but it’s inevitable ‘death’ as well? Read more

Six Million empty promises

Government’s election manifesto promise to create 6 million new jobs over the next five years should have all of us very excited. Why then, do I feel like a kid who just dropped his ice cream?Read the full article here –

Feasting at the trough of broken promises

With a country bursting with potential, vast blue skies, open spaces, natural resources that any other nation would die for and a diverse and amazing populace, we have all the ingredients for the Rainbow Nation we were promised – so where is it? Read the full article here –